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Paulina Vanderbilt

The Way: a poetic pilgrimage

Thursday 26 April 2012

Books and Beans
22 Belmont Street, Aberdeen AB10 1JH

Admission by donation

Paulina Vanderbilt reads from The Way: a poetic pilgrimage, a journey of reflection and observation along the ancient pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela.

Aberdeen Makar Sheena Blackhall will also read from her new collection Three Cats Flying.

There will be the usual open floor opportunities.

Ritual pilgrimage was an important part of medieval Christianity. Churches and places of worship would often be founded on sites where miracles took place or where religious relics were located. Music was an integral part of the pilgrim's experience and provided a language through which pilgrims of different nationalities could communicate. Songs and hymns of devotion to the Virgin Mary helped to give pilgrims the strength to travel the long distances.

The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela was built in honour of St James the Apostle after his grave was rediscovered in the ninth century. It is said that his remains were carried by boat from Jerusalem to the city of Santiago de Compostela. The cathedral became one of the most important pilgrimage centres and The Way of St James or O Camino de Santiago was a very popular pilgrim route during the medieval period.

The poems performed by Paulina are from her book The Way — a poetic pilgrimage (Blue Salt Publishing), which was launched in Huntly at New Words 2011. It is a collection of poems enriched with information on the Camino, Galician folklore, traditions and even cuisine, called a "lively mix" by Anna Crowe, who also describes the poetry as having "great verve and freshness and evoking landscapes and people with immediacy and empathy".

The Way: a poetic pilgrimage

Paulina Vanderbilt

Paulina Vanderbilt mostly writes poetry but has a number of short stories and even half-finished novellas stashed away in her drawer — waiting their turn. She describes her poetry as a watercolour of impressions, vibrant and immediate. She lives in Holland now, but Scotland is the bones of her.

Paulina recently set up her own creative writing business 2write2 to take her energetic, slightly chaotic approach to creativity to schools in Holland and the people in The Hague.

Her second collection The Way: a poetic pilgrimage (Blue Salt Publishing, 2011) was launched in Huntly at New Words 2011. Her successful first collection, In Search of Salt (Koo Press, 2009) is available by special request.

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